Discover how much God loves you!


Dr. Meyer van Rensburg is an anointed teacher of God's Word who was

instructed by the Lord to "go and tell them how much I love them." 


His books and teachings are anointed by the Holy Spirit to reveal God's love to you as it is set out in the Scriptures.

Dr. Meyer will answer any questions you  may have regarding the Bible or salvation. He is available for bookings to minister.

Contact him now on :

Dr. Meyer Teaching at SLCC
Dr Meyer in Robe
Brother to Brother: A Handbook for t
Our history, mythologies, and even popular entertainment are filled with stories upholding the concept of sacred vows and covenants-between warriors, rulers and subjects, friends, and allies. Take, for example, King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table or the Three Musketeers. However, the concept of "blood brothers" and sworn oaths is not a product of Western Civilization as we might suspect; the history of covenants goes back to the days before Christ. So where did it originate? And how did it
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