The subject of the covenants God made with man through the ages is something that few people know about. Yet God revealed His love for us by cutting covenants with man through the ages and, even though man broke the covenants, He kept on returning to make another covenant: each one demonstrates His love for us. Our history, mythologies, and even popular entertainment are filled with stories upholding the concept of sacred vows and covenants-between warriors, rulers and subjects, friends, and allies. Take, for example, King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table or the Three Musketeers. However, the concept of "blood brothers" and sworn oaths is not a product of Western Civilization as we might suspect; the history of covenants goes back to the days before Christ. So where did it originate? And how did it develop? Here Dr. Meyer van Rensburg seeks to answer these questions while also addressing the significance of covenant in the Christian's life today.Brother to Brother: A Handbook for the Study of Covenants provides a vast survey of the meaning behind such vows and the far-reaching history of these bonds. Largely setting his foundation in Scriptural references to what makes a covenant and the many examples of Biblical covenants, Dr. van Rensburg emphasizes the ritual of the nine required steps to a covenant and their meanings then and now (consider the elements of a typical wedding ceremony) to see how adherence to these covenant steps continues today. Furthermore, the many covenants God made with man throughout early history (with Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Moses, and especially Jesus) continue to touch Christians' lives: these are dealt with in detail by the author.However, he also goes beyond these Scriptural models and the covenants between God and man to explore the history of covenants between men throughout the world, and particularly the existence of covenants in Africa and their role in the history of the continent, past and present. Through this wealth of examples and attention to ritual, Dr. van Rensburg reveals a path to agape love and peace if only one adopts the principles of the covenant. 



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Brother to Brother: A Handbook for the Study of Covenants

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