“God & sons,” written by Dr. Meyer van Rensburg is an intriguing scripture-based work. It provides the reader with the author’s views and interpretations of Holy Scripture and the Fatherhood of God and how much He loves us. 
The title does not indicate that it is a man-centred book. It is aimed at men and women of all ages and people from every walk of life who should find the insights into God as ‘our Daddy’ of great interest. 
Raising and examining several poignant issues of faith and life, such as "How can Jesus be God's Son and at the same time be God Himself?", Dr. van Rensburg eloquently conveys perspectives in a thoughtful and well organised manner. 
The author’s extensive study and knowledge of the Bible is apparent throughout and this gives this book authority. Liberally quoting corresponding Scripture to support his theories, he presents compelling evidence to validate his views. 
It is Dr. Meyer van Rensburg’s ability to share his vision and love of God in a captivating and enlightening fashion that enhances the appeal of this faith based work. 
It is composed in a conversational and informal narrative style so the author connects with the reader throughout.

God & sons: A Handbook for the Study of the Fatherhood of God


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